Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Cybernetics, Bachelor of Management Systems.

Nato speaks English and Russian languages.

Working Experience:

2013 up to now: Altido LLC – Managing Partner, CEO
2010-2013: Adress LLC – Chief Accountant
2007-2010: JSC Procredit Bank Headquarters – Senior Accountant
2004-2007: JSC Procredit Bank, Central branch – Accountant
2002-2004: JSC Procredit Bank, Lilo Department – Accountant
1999-2002: Intellect bank, Poti branch – Chief Accountant
1998-1999: Intellect bank, Poti branch – Economist
1997-1998: Intellect bank, Poti branch – Cashier
1997-1997: Intellect bank, Poti branch – Secretary

Courses and Certificates:

2005-2014: BAF, ACCA training (I level; II level, III level)
2004: Federation of Professional Accountant and Auditor:

  • International accounting standards and Tax System
  • Chief accountant qualification program